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Our Vacations (page 2)
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For our 2002 vacation, we went to Yosemite! It was really beautiful.
Here I am in front of Bridal Veil Falls, and that is me and Mommy hiking on rocks.

Here's me and Raja sleeping in the pullout bed at our hotel. It was lumpy!
That other picture is me and Daddy, with El Capitan behind us.
We really wanted to touch El Capitan, and we did! Well, the base.

Here is all of us at Vernal Falls. It was such a tough climb that Mommy lost half her toenail!
She says it was worth it for the view.
You can see her bandage, in this other picture. And me, playing in the Merced River, in the background.

This is my horse, Pee Wee, from the day we went horseback riding. There were animals everywhere.
We saw tons of friendly squirrels at the Ahwahnee. I tried to get some pictures of them, but they didn't come out.
But look, here is a deer right outside our room at the Lodge!

Mommy and Daddy really liked the church, which you can see in the background of this picture.
And here is all three of us on the top of Sentinel Dome, at this famous tree called the Jeffreys Pine.
You can see Half Dome, way behind us in the background.
Mommy named her walking stick Jeffrey, after that tree. She was very glad to have it.

We had a good time. Next time, though, I want to go camping!
Mommy says if I do, to be sure to send her a postcard.

Thank you, my generous Uncle Lee, for giving me a spot on the web!
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