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For our 2003 vacation, we went to Disneyland! It was my first trip.
There I am with Daddy, on the teacups. We spun around really fast.
Mommy was glad she was taking pictures, and not riding.
On the right, I'm trying to pull the Sword out of the Stone. I guess I won't be King of England.

Here are some pictures of me with Disney characters.
That's Cinderella on the left, and Goofy on the right.
Mommy says Goofy's on the right in both pictures.

That's me and Mommy trying to figure out how to use the mailbox in Toon Town.
And on the right, I'm standing in front of a movie set, on the Back Lot, painted to look like a city street.

We found the first letter of all of our names, in front of California Adventure.
If you put us together, we even spell a word.

Here are some pictures of all three of us, together. That's Splash Mountain, on the left.
On the right, we're having lunch at the Blue Bayou, which is the cafe that overlooks the Pirates of the Carribean. That's Mommy's favorite ride.

She says if I make this face in another picture, she'll keel-haul me. I wonder what that means.

We got to see the Pirates of the Carribean movie on opening day, at Downtown Disney, which was cool.

We really liked Disneyland. My favorite thing was the Haunted Mansion, and Daddy's favorite thing was the 3-D shows.
Mommy says she wants to run away and become a Pirate of the Carribean, but they probably don't have a Concierge Lounge. I think that was her favorite thing.

Thank you, my generous Uncle Lee, for giving me a spot on the web!
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