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For Halloween 2001, I dressed as Harry Potter's friend Hagrid.
He's a half-giant, and the groundskeeper at Hogwart's. He has a dragon named Norbert.

For my eighth birthday, we had a water battle party, at the park. It was epic!
We had squirtguns and sponges and tons of water, in garbage cans, to refill the water guns and tubs.

Everyone got a Super Soaker to take home. It was a blast but it was tiring.
Here I am chilling out, after.

On Halloween, 2000, I was assimilated into the Borg Collective. Resistance was futile.
Mommy was Dorothy somebody-or-other. For some reason she didn't want me to add Toto's uniqueness to my own.

I turned SEVEN on May 23, 2000!
This is me at Nama and Poppy's, opening cards and.. hm.. a bike helmet!

Look at this big box! I wonder if it is a set of.. golf clubs!

Mommy said I had to look at her, so she could take a picture.
I didn't know Daddy was sneaking up behind me!

Here I am on my new bike. And there was even a little toy bike on my birthday cake.

I think I am going to like being seven.

Halloween 1999! Here are mommy and me on the way to trick-or-treat
(I'm the ninja, by the way).
Here are our pumpkins. I carved the big pumpkin on the right all by myself.

Here are some pictures from my Sixth Birthday!
I got a Game Boy. I wasn't sure exactly what it was when I opened it.

Here I am opening presents over at Nama and Poppy's house.

This is my Pokemon Pizza Party! It was a blast.

This is how I looked in April, 1999, when I lost my first tooth.

Here are some pictures from Christmas, 1998. We all got new bathrobes.

Here is our Christmas Card from 1998.

This is me on my fifth birthday, May 23, 1998.

Thank you, my generous Uncle Lee, for giving me a spot on the web!
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