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I turned TEN on May 23, 2003. I wanted to go camping, so we did.
Here I am in the tent, with Raja and Thor.

Mommy made me a chicken cake. I am really into chickens. And we had a campfire.

Here are some pictures from Easter of 2003. I thought this egg was pretty neat.
And there's another of Mommy's chicken cakes! Like I said, I'm really into chickens.

Here I am on Christmas morning, 2002. I got bunny slippers and a Playstation.

Here's our 2002 Christmas card. Don't Balata and I look angelic?

This is me and Mommy being Arwen and Frodo, from Lord of the Rings, for Halloween, 2002.

These are pictures from Mommy's birthday. I made tie-dye shirts for everyone, as party favors.

Here we are on Christmas morning, 2001. I'm reading scripture, in the first picture, and opening my Game Boy Advance, in the second one.

Thank you, my generous Uncle Lee, for giving me a spot on the web!
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